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Our client is a fourth generation overseas-born Chinese lawyer, lean and standing at a towering 6’1’’ in height. He charms those around him with his gentle smile, calm demure and old-world gentlemanly mannerisms. He has resided in Hong Kong for the past 20 years. After many years of success in his career, he believes a person’s work identity should not define who they are. He does not think being a lawyer should impact his romantic life at all. Now in his mid 40’s, he feels his personal life has been somewhat overlooked and that he has made the conscious decision to expand his social circle by picking up new hobbies and sports. 

He had a wonderful upbringing with his parents and siblings overseas. He believes in the merits of old fashion Chinese family values and has maintained a close relationship with his family to this day. He also credits his success in his career to his Asian upbringing, where trying your best was the norm in the family, which led his other siblings all having successful careers too. 

Our client enjoys the company of a partner at home and he is even keen to help around the house. He might also make you breakfast in bed if you’re his One-in-Million since he is a morning person by nature. He is benevolent about having children, although he would describe himself as kind and caring and we see his full potential of being a loving partner and a responsible, hands-on parent.  

Although our client has a good grasp of the Asian culture, English is still the language of his choice and his lifestyle is still very much Western. He has come to a point in his life where he thinks he might relocate back to his home country for a better quality of life and to be closer with his own family.  

Our client is looking for a genuine, kind-hearted lady who prefers a slower pace of life than what Hong Kong has to offer and she must be willing to relocate overseas. She must speak English like a native person, possess a great sense of humour, be playful and easygoing.


He prefers someone who is independent and has special interests of her own. Height is not an issue here since our clients are quite tall. However, if you or someone you know enjoys the outdoors and is moderately active, willing to go on holidays and try new adventures with our client, then please get in touch with us by signing up: