• HK$1,500 

    This is a 2 hour session for us to look at your past, present and future. 

    We will be reviewing all areas of your life and by the end of the session, we will provide you with a strategy in finding your very own One-in-Million. 

    We will be following up with you weekly to check on your progress for a month.

    Finding your One-in-Million Course


  • Price available on request

    In-person profiling

    Confidential active search

    4 dates within 6 months

    Working 1 on 1 with our founder

    Briefing before & after dates

    3 month hold period

    6 month Engagement


  • Price available on request

    In-person profiling

    Confidential active search

    8 dates within 12 months. 

    Working 1 on 1 with our founder

    Briefing before & after dates

    Etiquette training through one lunch

    6 month hold period

    A lifestyle consultation

    An image consultation

    12 month Engagement


Bespoke engagement available on request.

FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

What is a confidential active search?

A confidential active search is where we look for an ideal candidate according to your requirements and taste or what we think will be perfect for you only. He/She may or may not have signed up to One-in-Million like you have, so the possibilities are endless. If you agree to meet, and the candidate also agrees to meet, we will arrange a time and place for a dinner. We will interview all candidates introduced to you, so you can be rest assured that you will not be wasting your time.

Who joins One-in-Million?

All candidates will be well educated, financially independent, attractive and a pleasure to be acquainted with. All are seeking a partner in a discreet and serious manner. They will be fluent in English and perhaps other languages too, they will be citizens of the world. Our patrons simply want their quest to finding romance be handled by a professional in a confidential, time efficient and effective manner.

Why join One-in-Million?

First of all, we created the concept of life partner headhunting, where we will look at candidates within and outside of our network, depending on our clients' needs. Secondly, we do not accept every one who comes our way. Each applicant must be vetted, interviewed and a final decision will be made if we accept them as a client. We accept applications from both male and females clients. We pride ourselves in the quality of candidates that we provide and the professional personal service which we provide.

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