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How to find a date in 2019

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

As 2018 draws to a close and if you are still looking for love then please be prepared to make changes in the new year. Should you choose to set your goal to dating successfully in 2019, then you need to be prepared to make a game plan.

Do you find yourself having a wonderful family, a great job and close friends but just no special someone to share with? Have you decidedly chosen to stay single or are you really looking for a long-term relationship? These are serious questions you need to be asking yourself.

To stimulate and help you come up with ways to finding true love, here are some actions you can take in the new year:


Tell all your friends that you are actively seeking a romantic partner. Ask them to invite you next time they are going to a party or a networking event. Never say ‘no’ if you are invited to any social events. I made sure I went to every event and party when I was single.

2. Change jobs

If you are working in a small company or a single gender oriented industry then it is time you consider changing jobs, a new job could mean new colleagues, new customers, new chance to travel etc. If you cannot change jobs then consider freelancing part time or volunteer in a new organisation in your spare time. I introduced my friend’s future husband to her years ago, because at that time she was running her own small business, had two female employees and had nowhere else to meet men.

3. Move out

If you can, try living alone for a period of time, unless you have to take care of your family members. This is not only good for dating, but also good for clearing your mind, a time to figuring out what kind of lifestyle suits you best. It also sets the scene for that special someone into your life once you meet them. I know couples who relish their time living together before tying the knot and starting a family. Unfortunately, I also know people who got divorced partly because they have not cohabited before getting married.

4. Learn something new

This could be a new hobby or a new sports. Many sports classes to attract both men and women. Avoid any fashion, beauty, cooking and jewellery related classes if you are trying to meet men.

5. Get active

The gym or a sports club is a great place to meet men and women. You get to prey on your eye candy in their skimpy gym outfits, you might even befriend a personal trainer or two and more info on who the members are. People who exercise regularly tend to have a healthier lifestyle than those who don’t. I would choose carefully what kind of gym you go to though, the higher end gyms tend to attract more quality single people.

6. Join a club

I don’t know what you do for a living, but if you are a professional, there is probably a professional association you can join. If you are an expat, you may join a community belonging to your own country. If you graduated from a top university in the world, there is definitely a club in every major city that you can join. If you are a local, you can use your professional skills to volunteer to your old school/university, you can consider joining any local trade associations too. The possibilities are endless.

7. Move on

If you are surrounded by friends who are attached, then it is time you rethink how to best spend your time in 2019 in order to find your Mr./Mrs. Right. I am not asking you to cut them off, but the whole point is to expand your social circle. Socializing with the same people again and again will not lead you to meeting someone new. Instead of seeing them 3–4 times a month, you may consider cutting it down to 1–2 times a month.

8. Have a makeover

If you have had new year’s resolutions to get fit, to lose or gain the last 10lbs, then 2019 is the year to do it. Honestly ask your male and female friends what they think of your look and be prepared to take constructive criticisms. If you wearing glasses, go shopping with a friend and see if you need contact lenses or a different style of glasses. Get a new hairdresser if you have had the same hairstyle for the last 5 years. If you look good, you will feel well too and you will radiate with positive energy.

9. Use social media

Gain meaningful connections with your old friends, colleagues, classmates and acquaintances on social media. You never know who you might meet and even if they are not single, they will definitely have single friends who you don’t know.

10. Get help

While dating apps give you endless profiles to pick through, many women are skeptical of the authenticity of these profiles. Besides, how many guys do you know have great pictures of themselves? Engaging a good professional matchmaker can save you time and effort. My life partner search service One-in-Million headhunts elite singles for my clients, in view of a getting into a serious relationship.

Last word of advice, relax!

You don’t have to do all the suggestions above, but hopefully you will try at least one or two of them. Remember you don’t have to stick to your ‘type’, be open-minded, genuine and let your guard down a little. Dating is meant to be fun, especially in 2019.

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